Cancellation: If you come home earlier than you had previously planned, let me know, but there will be no refunds.

ID Tags: I highly recommend your dog have a pet ID collar when under my care if he/she requires walking on the leash. This protects me as well as your dog. Please be responsible pet owners.

Keys: I require you to provide me with a key before you leave or you may leave a lockbox on your door. I can return your key or leave them on file. I label keys with only your pet’s name for security purposes and they are kept in a secure location for any future pet sitting appointments that you may make.  I will not leave keys locked in your home on the last scheduled visit in case you have to return later than planned. I must always be prepared to care for your pets for a longer period in case you are unable to return home to do so. Garage door codes are acceptable as well.

IMG_2282Pet Allergies, Diet Requirements, Medications, Pet Injuries or Medical Conditions: Please make me aware of any diet requirements, medications, injuries or special medical conditions that I need to know about to care for your pet properly, This is extremely important for the health of your pet while under my care. I am able to give meds orally or sub-subcutaneously to your pets. However, the pets must not display any aggressive behavior toward me as I cannot render the medications under those circumstances. If you are unsure of your pet with a new person in the home, I am not the pet sitter for you. I cannot do the job if the pet won’t allow me to.

General Procedures: At your complimentary “Meet and Greet” meeting we will go over everything your pet needs and any questions or concerns you may have. You will provide me with detailed instructions of how and when you would like me to care for your pet along will all of your contact information. You will fill out a Pet Service Contract and I will collect all info needed about your pet. Finally, I will collect fees in person or ask for your paypal payment via invoice online. PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE I CAN CARE FOR YOUR PETS. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. If you don’t pay, I will not return the next time you request care. Please be considerate.


Text Messages: I provide free-of-charge text message updates, photos and short videos of your pet sent directly to your phone. This is added piece of mind for you. Text messaging rates may apply to your particular phone carrier.

Holiday Rates: I am happy to care for your pets on major holidays that I celebrate with my family, but I do add a surcharge of $25/holiday. This surcharge will apply to Easter Sunday, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Thank you for your understanding.

Payment: I collect all fees prior to your departure. I accept all major credit cards in person on my paypal credit card swiper, cash, check, and PayPal, using the “send money” feature. An invoice may be sent via email for payment before pet services are started. You may pay for your services at our “Meet and Greet” visit or upon receiving your pet care invoice prior to your departure.