Hi there,

I would like to thank you for considering The OC Pet Nanny for your pet’s needs. It is an honor to allow me to be a part of your pet’s well-being and comfort. My sincere hope is that you are able to rest assured that while you are away from home, your pet is safe, secure and happy under my care and supervision. It’s not only your pet that is going to be safe, secure and comfortable, it is your home as well. Kennels are usually not the best option for your pet, keep them at home, when possible; away from germs, disease and discomfort.

photo As a mother of three children, I have to be organized, attentive, and always one step ahead. The same goes for caring for my pets, as well as yours. I had 2 beautiful cats for the last 11 years but lost them both over the last year. The scar remains. They mean more to me than I can ever express. I will miss them forever. Ever since I can remember, I have been an animal lover and I have found animals seem to warm up to me rather quickly. I really feel animals understand me and love me no matter what. I grew up around cats, dogs, birds and fish. I have a special place in my heart for all animals and only want the very best for all of them. I hope you allow me to show you how I can care for your beloved pets as well.

Over the years I have had cats, dogs, birds, and fish. I have been around chickens and horses as well. Animals have a special place in my heart and I know that you feel the same, as you care enough to seek care for them while you cannot be there.



Brady (2002-2013)


I have a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration and a Master of Science in Forensic Science. I pride myself in following the law and I appreciate when others do as well. I especially am concerned with humans taking proper care of their pets and not neglecting or abusing them. I joined the ASPCA and PETA over 10 years ago and enjoy participating in animal rights demonstrations and educating people about the importance of proper animal care. I became a vegetarian in 2004 because of my great adoration for animals.

I chose to go into pet sitting and pet care because of the desire to do what I love and be proud of my work. I know I make a difference in each pet’s life and help my clients feel secure when they are not home. My passion has led me to develop my own business, operated by myself. I have not employees, I handle each pet myself. I pride myself on giving you and your pets personalized care. I don’t hire out. You will always get me, and only me– to care for your babies.


Bledsoe (2002-2014)


Thank you for trusting me. I hope to inspire my children to love animals the way I do and to not be afraid to go out and start the business they have always dreamed of.


Courtney Lima

Owner, The OC Pet Nanny